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(Tiziana Porrazzo)

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Tiziana Porrazzo MakeUp Artist.'

Tiziana Porrazzo



MakeUp Artist

Roma (Lazio,Italy)

MakeUp Artist

Tiziana Ty Porrazzo


Tiziana Porrazzo was born January 7th 1985 in Alba Adriatica,a small city on the Adriatic Coast of Central of Italy.
In 2008 She moved to Rome, fascinated by the beauty of the eternal city, where she attended and graduated from J.Panzera The Academy of Professional Make Up.
Her love of beauty in all its forms and passion for rock music led her to her initial experiences working in italy's renewed fashion industry and premiere music videos, after which she continued to expand her portfolio in the theatre and feature films.
Tiziana considers Make-Up a means to bring to the forefront the universe of light and love that enconpasses every woman and not simply as a social expection.
Good taste and Aesthetic sensibilities bring us closer to understanding the arts and the profound beauty of nature that we embody.

She is a Make Up Artist with experience and specialist skills in beauty
and corrective, high fashion photographic, theatrical, television make up
and special effects.
She has a creative imagination, a strong visual sense, the confidence
and tact to suggest changes to benefit an individual's.
She is able to work under pressure,well as part of a team of often diverse
colleagues.Methodical and She pay attention to detail.

Tiziana lives in Rome but is available to travel.


Artistic Make Up 

Fashion and Glamour 

Artistic Make Up